The FL BH IMPACT program is an innovative course of action amongst the Florida State College of Medicine’s Center for Behavioral Health Integration and the Florida Maternal Mental Health Collaborative. This program seeks to enhance accessibility of resources for women and children in need of mental health and substance use supports by providing a statewide directory of active and qualified maternal and pediatric behavioral health providers.
Our Programs

FSU Maternal & Perinatal Mental Health

Florida State University Maternal & Perinatal Behavioral Health Programs The Florida BH IMPACT Program is an innovative initiative by the Florida Department of Health (DOH), the Florida State University (FSU) College of Medicine and the Florida Maternal Mental Health Collaborative (FLMMHC). This program’s goal is to improve the identification and treatment of pregnant and postpartum

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FSU Pediatric Behavioral Health

Florida State University Pediatric Behavioral Health  The Pediatric Behavioral Health Program works closely with community Pediatricians and Pediatric practices to help build capacity to detect, refer and treat kids and families for behavioral health care. The Behavioral Health Hub services include training and technical assistance for pediatric and behavioral health clinicians, care coordination to behavioral

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Statewide Maternal Mental Health Directory

Are you pregnant or do you have a child under two years old?

Are you a clinician or provider seeing resources for your patients?

Search our directory to find providers and other resources in Florida to support your mental and behavioral health.That includes help with post-partum depression, anxiety, substance use disorder, and other conditions. Connect with services that fit personal healthcare desires, preferred payment type, insurance status, and location.

Provider Portal

The Provider Portal is open to medical and mental health providers who are enrolled in or have received training from BH IMPACT. The portal will give you access to resources, training materials and newsletters.

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